Posted on:
20th February, 2018

LEP helps drive 'world first' in clean energy

£1.8million of Coast to Capital Growing Places funding has been used to help CTEC Energy to provide clean energy with the first Advanced Conversion Technology (ACT) plant in the world. This exciting project will also create up to 58 jobs in Newhaven alone and enable the development of six more future plants in and around Sussex.

LEP helps drive 'world first' in clean energy

A formal submission for a staged installation of a medical waste-to-energy ACT plant in Newhaven Port is currently being considered by Local Authorities, which will generate 250kW of electricity to Newhaven and 1.4mW of thermal hot water to existing and future housing. Innovative technology developed by CTEC means that dangerous exhaust waste from the process is also recycled and fed back into the system drastically reducing emissions which is a key element of the design. Patents have been granted, and the proof of concept could not have been built without support from Coast to Capital

CTEC will also be manufacturing their USA-patent waste-to-energy plant in the heart of the Newhaven Enterprise Zone at their manufacturing warehouse for distribution all over the world. Planning and Permitting is likely to be granted by summer this year and the first ACT plant in the world will be operational in 2019

Jonathan Sharrock, Chief Executive at Coast to Capital said:

“Sustainable growth is a key strategic opportunity in our region and it is imperative that this is considered when improving the infrastructure of the area. We are thrilled to have contributed towards an innovative project which changes the way we look at energy conversion. This is an exciting project for the Newhaven Enterprise Zone and will benefit local residents and businesses alike. We look forward to seeing future developments as this project progresses.”

Mike Burns, Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer at CTEC said:

“Waste management needs to be dragged out of the dark ages with new ultra clean technology. Our waste is a precious commodity; no longer will it be acceptable to incinerate waste without recycling or NOT using the thermal heat for heating houses. The UK is waking up to the missed opportunity of using our kitchen waste to heat our homes. Too many years have been wasted by sending it to countries like China or Norway to benefit. By using our own waste to heat our homes we will reduce the costs of heating for all and reduce the countries dependency of importing fossil fuels.”